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Take me away. ∞

Take me away. ∞

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It’s me

Vielleicht atmen wir gerade im gleichen Rythmus

1 min zuvor aufgelegt..



After more than a year.. The moment finally happened. We waited so fucking long for this. I knew from day one that he’s the one. He’s the one I want forever. Even though we’d never met, I just knew. I knew that if he could give me butterflies from 4000 miles away he would in person so. Before the video, we were waiting and I saw him and immediately I just felt a rush and so many butterflies and squealed out his name… So embarrassing! From our first hug and kiss and cuddle… He gives me butterflies every single day. I love him sooooo fucking much and there is no better feeling than falling asleep with him, holding his hand. Hearing him say “I love you” or him grabbing my face and kissing me.
Ahhhhh I love you so much baby❤️😍😘


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Meine Wenigkeit

I would have done the same shit, lmao

Versprich mir, dass du unser “Wir” niemals vergisst